US-CARS – Legends and Stories

US-CARS – Legends and Stories

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Pictoral Book „US-CARS – LEGENDS AND STORIES" by Carlos Kella

(English Language Version of "US-CARS – Legenden mit Geschichte")


80 US-Cars of the 1930s to 1970s selected from seven years of shootings for the calendar “Girls & legendary US-Cars“. Stories by Peter Lemke


Carlos Kella is a well-known photographer specialising in US-Car culture and pin-up art based in Hamburg. 

This pictorial book presents a selection of motives shot for the calendar „Girls & legendary US-Cars“ 2009 – 2015 as well as for pictorials in various magazines. 

The stories about the cars, showing non-published pictures and detailed close-ups, were researched and written by Peter Lemke.

Real rarities such as the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham or a 1959 Dodge Regent from Canada are shown together with the Pony-Cars Ford Mustang or Plymouth Barracuda. 

Included are the Chevrolet Corvette, clones of NASCAR racers and the independents such as Hudson and Studebaker. Pick-up trucks, Hotrods and Lowriders round the book off. 

No matter whether with shiny chrome, painted in flat colors or in pristine condition with beautiful patina: The book shows the full spectrum of the German US-Car scene. 

True to convention, numerous models of the pin-up, burlesque and tattoo scene are part of the book, enhancing the presentation of the cars.


Title: US-CARS – LEGENDS AND STORIES // ISBN: 978-3943740-165 // Photography: Carlos Kella // Text: Peter Lemke // Language: American English //  Format: 30 x 22 cm, 288 Pages, 344 color photos, Hardcover, thread binding, golden hot foil stamping, bookjacket, shrink wrapped, Material: LumiSilk 150g/m2 // Weight: 1.800 gram Printed in Germany



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